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​mindfulness meditation

​ "Making drugs in the body"

wake up

Hiroto Komanosupervision

Doctor of neuroscience and pharmacy, currently professor at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Iwate Medical University

Supervised by Hiroto Komano, a yoga and mindfulness instructor

CD for healing and mindfulness meditation

Tax-included price 3.300 yen (body price 3.000 yen​)

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Body price (excluding tax) 3.000 yen

All 6 songs Total 56 minutes

Komano Hiroto

Professor, Department of Neuroscience, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Iwate Medical University Doctor of Pharmacy US CTI Certified Professional Coach (CPCC) ICF International Coach Federation Certified Professional Coach (ACC)

After graduating from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the University of Tokyo, he worked as an assistant at the same university, a researcher at Stanford University and the University of Michigan School of Medicine, and director of the National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology before assuming his current position in April 2007. In addition, he started yoga when he was in graduate school, and is currently a member of the NPO Japan Yoga Federation.In addition to specialized research and educational activities in neuroscience and brain science, he also provides coaching, yoga, and meditation guidance that brings out motivation and purpose in life.

​Hiroto Komano

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1. Awakening Body  7'39”
The fast-paced sound of "Awakening Body" encourages you to notice your body's movements.
2. Royal Heaven  10'09”
As you move your body in the acoustic space created by "Royal Heaven", you will wake up to the comfort of your body.
3. Breathing Heart  4'28”
In the “Breathing Heart” space, you will deepen your awareness of the sensation of the body without movement, and the voice of the body as it is.
4. Ascension (purification)  11'56”
In the "Acession" space, you will be aware of the cosmic energies entering your body.
5. Cosmic waves  10'55”
In the "cosmic wave" space, you can feel your body melting into the universe.
6. Love 10'11”
In "Love", you can awaken to the eternal connection with all things and immerse yourself in a safe and secure space.
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