The wave mortion of the universe is converted to music to create a sound space.

饗場公三(あえば こうぞう)

Kouzou Aeba

ミュージックヒーラー  ・作曲家 ・音楽プロデューサー・レコーディングエンジニア

Music healer, composer, music producer, recording engineer


From Japan







MMSで再生することにより,感じる自然環境 『Feel Nature』を提供している。

"Mist Music Space (MMS)", a sound space created in pursuit of healing music with a more wrapped feel.

(Uses 4 vertical speakers and makes the space a space for a three-dimensional sound image).

Many healers, therapists, body therapists, and others use wave music that does not induce awareness with synthesizers,

Music is also used in yoga, mindfulness, meditation and other activities at hotel spas and bedrock baths.

In addition, taking advantage of their own technology as a recording engineer, the environmental sound of nature such as forest and lake is recorded at 360 degrees,

Natural environment "Feel Nature" is provided by playing with MMS.

© Kouzou Aeba